Ultrasound | Pixel Vet Imaging

A staple of everyday practice in most clinics these days, abdominal ultrasound has become essential to the diagnosis of many common disorders in veterinary medicine. It is relatively cost-effective, while often providing more information than almost any other single diagnostic test. Unfortunately, many areas of the country do not have in-house access to a boarded radiologist for performing regular abdominal ultrasounds. Instead they must rely on a traveling sonographer or referral to a specialty hospital. It is our strong belief that ultrasound studies are most useful when performed specifically by a boarded radiologist. However in the absence of an available local radiologist, we have made ourselves available for teleultrasound study interpretations. Of course, the value of these interpretations depends highly on the quality of the ultrasound machine, and the skill of the person performing the study. For this reason, we evaluate requests for this service on a case-by-case basis. As a client of Pixel Veterinary Imaging in any capacity, we can also help with ultrasound machine acquisition, set-up, and training.