Special Procedures

Although an older modality, contrast procedures such as upper GI studies and myelograms still have a place in the world of veterinary imaging, particularly when other modalities such as ultrasound and CT/MRI are not immediately available. In particular, these studies can provide essential information regarding the need for surgery in some cases. When performing these studies, it is important to obtain fast and accurate teleradiology reports that you can trust, so that you can confidently move forward with your busy day. Pixel Veterinary Imaging has many years of experience in these imaging techniques, and would be happy to rapidly assist you in these types of cases.

Special Procedures | Pixel Vet Imaging

Upper GI Lateral



Fluoroscopy is a somewhat uncommon veterinary imaging modality, but maintains significant importance in the diagnosis of swallowing disorders (esophagram) and airway collapse (tracheal fluoroscopy). It has also become increasingly important as a tool in the arsenal of veterinary interventional radiologists. Pixel Veterinary Imaging has quite extensive experience in interpreting esophagrams (including the diagnosis of challenging diseases such as cricopharyngeal dysphagia and pharyngeal contractility diseases) and airway collapse studies.


Other Special Procedure Studies

We also have significant experience in the interpretation of myelograms (+/- CT) and Barium upper GI studies. In the absence of more advanced imaging techniques, we understand the continued importance of these studies for some general practitioners in practicing the best quality medicine possible.