Digital Radiology

Fast becoming the gold standard for radiography in veterinary medicine, an increasing number of clinics are installing digital radiography systems throughout the country. Like our phones or TVs, the technology is rapidly improving and dropping in price, with a number of high quality units out there for purchase at reasonable prices. Advantages of digital radiography include the following:

Digital Radiology | Pixel Vet Imaging
  • Rapid acquisition of radiographs
  • Ability to manipulate the images (magnification, altering the contrast and brightness)
  • Potential to easily share images with other veterinarians (Radiologists, other specialists, etc).
  • Ancillary equipment such as processors and film are no longer necessary to maintain.

All standard digital radiography units are capable of sending images in DICOM format (medical format images considered standard across both human and veterinary radiography) to Pixel Veterinary Imaging for teleradiology interpretations in a fast and convenient fashion.

When to send cases

Every clinic is different. Some clinics send a particularly challenging case for a second opinion every now and then. Some clinics send cases regularly for the insight a detailed and accurate teleradiology report can provide. Some clinics send most or all of their cases for teleradiology interpretation to ensure no lesions are missed. However, it doesn’t matter how many cases you send or how often you send them. We provide every client the same awesome high quality reports and personal service that they deserve.

How to incorporate teleradiology charges into your practice

We have seen a vartiety of methods to incorporate teleradiology interpretations into a practice.

  • In our experience, most clinics include an add-on charge each time a teleradiology report is elected. One advantage to this technique is that is you don’t have to raise your general prices. One downside to this technique is that a client must specifically approve the teleradiology charge each time, potentially making it less likely that you can obtain an interpretation if you really need one.
  • Other clinics have had success by including a teleradiology interpretation as a standard charge on all estimates that include imaging. This makes obtaining teleradiology interpretations much easier, but can also make your general prices appear higher than competitors. In this situation, it may be effective to emphasize the value-added service the client is receiving in this situation.
  • Some clinics have alternatively elected to increase the price of all radiographs incrementally, in order to recoup the cost of the occasional teleradiology report.